Name: Talia Cheek

Location: Allen, TX

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Favorite GT's flavor: Trilogy

Favorite Exercise/Activity: Running and yoga!!!!

Guilty Pleasure: I love love love these GT drinks... I drink them once a day... Not sure if this is too much... but I just feel so much better, a sense of being connected and free. There is an essence within these drinks, one that is difficult to describe its just an essence that has to be experienced. My guilty pleasure is vino... goodnees, i've dropped so many of my guilty pleasures trying to connect with uplifting the world with pure love, light and peace.... but at least 2x per week, I gotta drink vino with talk and laughter with my friends... Thank you for GT's Kombucha

Three Words That Describe You: Joy!!!!, Passion. Loud Laughter:)